Payment and shipping information

We send our products with German Post and DHL. Shipping is usually immediately after payment (bank transfer o. PayPal) if the / the article is / are. Credit card payments are possible via PayPal.

Transporting the instrument all consignments are always borne by the buyer. The delivery time is not binding Subject to the stock and is generally one to two business days (national) depending on the region. If an ordered item is not in stock or not available at short notice, we will inform you immediately.

Payment Methods: PayPal or payment in advance by bank transfer

DE -> 500g German Post free

EU -> 500g German Post 7.50€

NO/IS/RU/UA/CH -> 500g German Post 7.80€

DE -> 2000g DHL free

EU -> 2000g DHL 11.50€

NO/IS/RU/UA/CH -> 2000g DHL 19.50€

US/CA -> 2000g DHL 19.50€

AU/NZ -> 2000g DHL 19.50€

DE -> 5000g DHL free

EU -> 5000g DHL 17.00€

NO/IS/RU/UA/CH -> 5000g DHL 33.00€

US/CA -> 5000g DHL 38.00€

AU/NZ/AS -> 5000g DHL 47.00€